A Note of Welcome

Hello! I’m Doug Goff.

Thanks for visiting my site.  I’m a child at heart and thrill at the beauty of the world we all live in.  Whether it is the raw power of this Earth manifested by the action of plate techtonics, delicate alpine blooms, or the elegance of a well-crafted product designed by human minds and manufactured by machinery developed by man, that beauty pleases me and I am grateful and sometimes awed to behold it.

I’ve been fascinated by the opportunities the Internet offers to extend ourselves.  Since the early 1990s when first exposed to the idea of near-same-moment-delivery of email to personal websites and watching the debates over whether or not the Internet would take hold, or remain the domain of geeks and techies, it has been an awesome experience to be a part of it all.  And now, twenty-five years later, I’m a geek and excited to assist you with your website design and implementation, social media or SEO work or any combination of the foregoing.

So, give me a call, send a text, or email me.

Now, speaking for myself and my associates,
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