Website, Blog, Social Media, SEO . . . Making it all Work — Part 2

Blogging and its effect on SEO

Google and the rest of the search engines are constantly crawling the web to keep their indexes current. As they do this, volumes of additions and fresh content is gathered and appended to the indices. What most people don’t know, many techies among them is that Google, having found these new webpages and new content, now has information that certain sites are actively changing from what they were before.

Each of your blog post is a new page at your website and is new content. Blog consistently and regularly, and after a couple of months, you have 50 or so pages either indexed on Google, or waiting to be indexed.

At this point Google presumes that someone is looking after and showing that site some love. Google doesn’t ask itself and its data, “What is there here to love?” Google is a watcher, an observer and takes note that someone is showing the website some love. Then, Google doesn’t just index the new content, but gives the whole domain more attention in terms of scoring the domain, crawling the site more often and ranks the site accordingly. And that is a good thing. It’s the kind of attention you want.

AND . . . if you’ve behaved yourself, and NOT paid several hundred dollars to buy links to your site, and NOT tried to game the Google algorithms, and NOT been spammy, and, and, and . . . Google starts to show your site some real love.

Is Google turning its attention to SEO plug-ins?

I got word yesterday, that Google is scrutinizing meta tags and considering subordinating pages and perhaps entire websites that use SEO plug-ins that build meta-tags for you. This was presented by my source to be the next priority item. I’m listening and taking it seriously. I don’t know which tags are being looked at, but I’m starting to go through sites that I manage and strip out all unnecessary meta tags. As I learn more, I’ll tell you more. Just a word to the wise.

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