Don’t Risk Getting on Google’s Shit List

Last week, I told you about Google looking at abuses of meta tags. I have further clarification.

Facebook introduces open graph (OG) in 2010. Since then OG meta tags have become very popular with web designers looking to make their pages more user friendly for sharing on all social media platforms. Open graph information is shared with social media sites through meta tags such as:

<meta property=”og:title” content=”Why is Google Looking at Open Graph?”>

It appears that Google has taken note of that and is starting to identify abuses of the technology. Such an effort may affect Google rankings and throw a wicked wrench into SEO efforts for a time, depending on what Google decides to do with the results of its inquiry into SEO plug-ins generally and open graph tags specifically. There is not a lot of information readily available on the issue, so it looks to me that Google, as usual is ahead of the game.

Google’s ethos, to deliver relevant information to its users, is spot-on to what we want, a responsive supplier of information. Unfortunately, Open Graph, which is an innocent enough innovation, has been co-opted by black-hat types looking to grow traffic to their websites without concern for actually delivering what the user wants.

Google’s all-things-web guru, Matt Cutts explains cloaking and nails the rationale behind Google’s attitude toward deceptive pactices.

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