Going beyond Teddy Bears and Gumdrops on Facebook: Creating Compelling Posts and Calls to Action

I love flight, and am ready to assume that because I do, you do also. In fact, I get to fly around vicariously on a small drone into the sunset. It brings out my inner child and in an instant, life is again full of possibilities. Among them, being creative enough to turn that imagining into writing compelling Facebook posts that cause folks’ fingers to itch and click where I want them to click. Take a moment and engage with me and imagine. What is it that just turns your crank and gets you excited?

Share the passion you feel about that image in your head by following these suggestions from Facebook Master, Michelle Pescosolido, who has some marvelous tips on gaining engagement with your Facebook posts and shares. You know what? Yeah, you’ve heard it before, but it bears repeating . . . Give value to your reader, then refer them to your link. Because this is so fundamental to social media interaction, it is easy to do . . . and, it is easy to forget to do.

And do not pass up the opportunity to issue a call to action. It can be as simple as, “If you liked what this says, please click ‘share’.”

Be Diligent in this. Be Consistent in this. Be kind. Be your word. Be giving value to your readers. Be magnificent in providing that value. Above all, Be Yourself. Be followed. Be subscribed to. Be friended. Be Connected.

Ask yourself after composing your post and BEFORE CLICKING “POST”, Have I created a post that generates enough interest for someone to click on the link?

If you can honestly answer, “Yes.” Then give yourself many kudos and click that “post” button.

Here is Michelle Pescosolido taking the lesson to a deeper level:

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