Website, Blog, Social Media, SEO . . . Making it All Work

You have all these pieces of your Internet presence and the guy down the street who has a brother-in-law that “knows how to do websites” is telling you, “You gotta get on Instagram, cuz it’s rad and you’ll miss the boat if you don’t!”
“What Boat?” you ask.  The sound of flies buzzing in and out of the guy’s mouth as he fish-gapes at you is deafening.  He may not know what he’s talking about, but he at least stumbled onto a truth.  Today, if you’ve got a business, you need a website, a blog, social media presence, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and a few other tools to manage it all.  File the other tools thing away for another day.  I’ll get to that later IN ANOTHER POST.
Your blog is your central hub, and ideally part of your website.  Every page in your website needs to be tied to your social media venues and do some of the heavy lifting that supports your SEO strategies.  Again, more on that IN ANOTHER POST.  For now, let’s focus on the interrelationship of the key parts, website, blog, each discreet social media venue (you know,  Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest and the rest) and SEO.
I said your website needs to tie to your social media venues.  Likewise, your social media venues need to link back to your website and blog.  That’s why the arrows in the graphic above point both ways.  And . . . you need to blog to your audience.
Who’s your audience?  Well, whom are you trying to attract to your website?  People interested in what you’re blogging about?  Online or Brick and Mortar Customers or both?  New Customers or Repeat Business?  Or whomever?  Before you begin with anything else, get real clear on who your audience will be and learn what interests them.
Then blog to their interests and don’t sell to them.  That bears repeating!  Blog to their interests and don’t sell to them.  With your blog, the product you’re selling is your expertise in whatever you’re blogging about.  So, don’t tell/sell them that you’re the expert.  Blog away and let them discover that for themselves.
OK, I’ve run out of time for today.  Let me leave you with this teaser for tomorrow.  I’ll let you know how blogging improves your SEO and search engine rankings.

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