The Tyranny of Technology

Why do you do what you do? What is your endgame? Is there an engaging, rewarding existence beyond your iPhone display? The last twenty plus years have changed our lives. The world has shrunk in terms of communication, transparency and distance. I have become Borg, and my resistance is futile.

While I don’t have implants, I have accoutrements that facilitate my rising from bed in the morning and being ambulatory. Several months back, I again learned the laws of physics are unforgiving. When your weight gets ahead of your feet, you’re going down. Period. In my case, such an incident busted my kneecap in two big pieces. As a result, my kneecap is held together with bolts, baling wire and an H-clamp. (It’s a device used by surgeons to hold the rib cage together after surgery . . . In my case, it is effective for kneecaps too.)

My dad has implants and accoutrements the implants aid in controlling an essential tremor and his accoutrements stabilize a broken back.

I have several devices that bring the knowledge of the world to my fingertips. They might as well be implants, because they are always within reach and proximate to me. Sometimes I wonder whether my life is better or worse because of Steve Jobs and Apple. I have a watch that is wirelessly tethered to my iPhone and a Bluetooth headset that has turned me into one of “those people.” The watch notifies me the moment I get a Facebook message, an iMessage or travel with 500 feet of the location of the next “SPECIAL OFFER!”

Even my wife, sensible woman that she is, is not immune. She needs her iPad with her when she’s using the toilet! She’s hooked on a jigsaw puzzle app.

I am plugged in . . . too plugged in. I don’t think that is such a good thing. Technology has compressed my life into the here and now. I don’t mean the “being present in the moment” here and now. Technology has pushed my compulsions to the “It’s gotta be right here, right now,” here and now.

So, I declare my freedom! I am resolved to unplug. I’ll mow my lawn without my iPhone and Motorola S10-HD pumping Fleetwood Mac above the noise of the Toro engine. I’ll read a book, a real book, not an iBook. And, I’ll turn my phone off for a couple of hours and just be in my moments. Bliss.

I feel like Roger Daltrey in Tommie. I’m free!

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