I’m Chuck Norris and Have a QR Code Tattooed to My Chest!

I was at the Tech school earlier today. As I was approaching an intersecting hallway, my friend and fellow techie and I almost collided . . . I don’t know why, I said it, but I declared, “I am Chuck Norris, and I will get a QR code tattooed on my chest!”

“Where will it send me, and will it be mobile optimized?”

He could have also asked, “Will there be enough signal strength to get me there?”

Or, He could have commented, “As long as it (the QR code) is not on the semi-trailer that’s blowing my doors off.”

Or, “Just don’t put it on a billboard.”

Or, “Don’t email it to me.” I get this picture in my head of Hillary two-thumbing her blackberry. Argh! I’ve had enough of this political season.

All well and good. There are definitely great uses and places for QR codes that enhance the overall experience of scanning and landing someplace rewarding. And then, there are not.

Here are a couple of lists, one by The Halo Group and another by Eric at QRe8.

And finally, some commentary by Podcaster Scott Stratten . . .

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